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The FDA said patients on Plavix should keep taking the medication as directed, but should talk to their doctors when taking a heartburn drug within the class referred to as proton-pump inhibitors, which includes Prilosec, Nexium and a lot of other drugs.

A 16,690-person study presented in November by pharmacy-benefits company Medco Health Solutions Inc. suggested that individuals who combine a proton-pump inhibitor with Plavix at their doctors' direction possess a 50% the upper chances of a cardiac arrest or other cardiac event compared to those taking Plavix on it's own.

Plavix is employed to stop thrombus that can bring about heart attacks or strokes in cardiac patients. Many individuals on Plavix require a proton-pump inhibitor to avoid internal bleeding and ulcers associated with Plavix.

In December, three articles in prominent medical journals showed that Plavix will not be effective for 30% of cardiac patients because of a genetic abnormality which could hinder their ability to process the drug.

Plavix is marketed by Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Sanofi Aventis SA. The drug recorded global sales of $7. 7 billion in 2007, and nearly 25 million prescriptions were written to the drug inside U. S. that year, based on IMS Health.

In a press release, Bristol-Myers and Sanofi-Aventis said these were working with the FDA to conduct additional studies that "will permit us to understand and characterize the factors that could influence this complex issue. "

In a conversation recently, Larry Lesko, director in the FDA's office of clinical pharmacology, said the agency was discussing updating Plavix's label with Bristol-Myers. Dr. Lesko also said he hoped the corporation as well as other research institutions would study the possibility interference with Plavix by the heartburn drugs.

-Alicia Mundy and Jared A. Favole contributed to this short article.

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Printed in The Wall Street Journal, page D3.

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